Stephen Robinson is a professional photographer with over 25 years experience in photography in Africa, operating from his Zambia base. He specialises in Nature Photography including Environment, Wildlife, Ecology, Conservation and Landscape work.

Since 2004, he has operated his own WILDFOTOAfrica commercial photography business, undertaking commercial photography assignments in the corporate, industrial, mining, donor-aid project and environment project fields in Africa. This includes his production of photography-based advertising, communications, corporate calendar and art market publications.

The photographer's stock picture work is used regularly in books and magazines, and in educational, communications and advertising publications. Clients include major international publishing houses such as Heinemann, Thames & Hudson, Dorling Kindersley, Harper Collins, De Agostini, McGraw Hill, Penguin Books/Pearson, World Book Publishing and Grove Press.

Publications and media clients include National Geographic, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Financial Times (London), Discovery Channel, Sunday Telegraph (London), Country Living Magazine (UK), The Lady Magazine (UK), Nature Magazine (UK), New Scientist Magazine, and Mother Earth Magazine (USA). His work has been used commercially in advertising campaigns in Africa and Europe, including by such clients as Toyota Europe.

Stephen Robinson's interest in nature and wildlife grew when he moved to Zambia from his native England. He came to Africa as a construction professional, but spent extended periods in Zambia’s Luangwa Valley as a walking safari guide. His keen interest in nature & environmental photography developed from this. His general wildlife photography of African mammals soon extended to birds, insects, flora, ecology, and action photography of wildlife.

During his many years of travelling to remote locations in largely unknown Zambia, he found himself repeatedly making the same mental note: “must come back and do the landscapes…”. Many years later, this resulted in his current long term project Spirit of the Land. The theme of this project is the panoramic photography of remote Zambian landscapes and the photography of the people of those areas. This work is used to campaign for greater awareness of the importance of the environment to the millions of people who live so directly off those natural resources. This campaign has included several major exhibitions of the work. The Spirit of the Land project work continues and the work, exhibitions and more details can be seen at (please click on the link below).

In more recent years, Stephen Robinson has developed his commercial photography business to include more assignment work, and more work in production of custom-made corporate calendars and Photobooks, and other photo-based printed materials. His documentary and art photography work (for Stock picture and Fine Art Print sales) has extended further afield to include Europe.

This WILDFOTOAfrica website presents examples of a wide variety of the photographer's assignment, commercial, stock, documentary and art photography work.  For more details please click on this link  - ABOUT - WILDFOTOAfrica.

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